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Dougie & Tricia Affleck

Dougie and Tricia Affleck are originally from the west of Scotland but now live in Stapleford. Dougie works full time for Pastures Community Church and Tricia is a music teacher in local schools. They are both passionate about telling and training young people about Jesus.

Email: afflecks@ncyh.co.uk

Heather Smith

Heather lives in Chelmsford in Essex where she is a full time Christian worker for Counties. She is involved with a number of youth camps and weekends with both NCYH and Counties. Heather is an avid cricket fan of both England and her team Essex.

Email: hev@ncyh.co.uk

Nathan & Amy Shipley

Nathan and Amy live in Burwell in Cambridgeshire, where Nathan is a full time Youth Worker for the local Baptist Church and Amy is a Music Therapist. Nathan and Amy enjoy going to gigs, watching films and would love to appear on Pointless!

E-mail: shipleys@ncyh.co.uk

Stew Green

Stew lives in Nottingham and attends St. Jude's Church in Mapperley. After a period of time being a Church & Youth Worker for a couple of different churches around the country he is now a RE (Religious Education) teacher in a Nottingham secondary school.

Stew has been involved with NCYH since 2003 contributing in many different ways.

Email: stew@ncyh.co.uk